W@ve 2.0 is an online user friendly resource designed to benefit seniors with an interest in improving their Internet skills.

The tutorial videos grouped under four thematic modules will teach Internet skills for practical use in everyday life. If you would like to shop, read a newspaper, book a ticket, or have a friendly chat online then this course will give you the knowledge you need in this digital age.

Anyone can make use of the learning resource but it is primarily focused on people over the age of 55. Although they do not require deep knowledge of the Internet some familiarity with the Internet and a working e-mail account would be necessary.
When using the learning tool, you can design your own learning plan, you can decide what you want to learn and in what order. Using W@ve 2.0 helps you follow the latest online trends and gives you useful information that was hard or impossible to access before. Then you can surf the Web safely and enjoy all its benefits.

Welcome to the world of W@ve 2.0!