Help Section

Do you need some help?

In this section you can find the answers for the frequently asked questions.

How to watch a video?

Click on the title of a video then it will appear in a popup window. Videos may contain images, texts and motion pictures. Sometimes a videos are divided into sections (or slides), and you have to click on the ‘Next’ button to jump to the next part.

How to close the video’s window?

Click on the ‘Close button’ or on the overlay or you can press ESC button as well.

How to navigate between modules?

From the home screen you can reach all the four modules. If you have already opened a module you can navigate back to the home screen by clicking on the small house icon.

How to switch language?

In the header of the website you can find flags. If you click on a flag the website will change its language according to your selection.

How to change font size?

In the header of the website you can find three buttons which are responsible for the text sizes. You can increase (right button) and decrease (left button) the font sizes, and you can also reset into default size (middle button).